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7 Handmade Macramé Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

As the season of giving approaches, there's no better way to express your love and thoughtfulness than with a unique handmade macramé gift from HennMade. Dive into HennMade's curated list of 7 handmade macramé gift ideas that are not just pieces of art but expressions of love, and make the perfect gift ideas for any occasion from the holidays to birthdays, baby showers, housewarming's, graduations, and more.

1. Macramé Keychains: A Touch of Boho Charm on the Go

Give the gift of boho-inspired charm with our intricately designed macramé keychains. These mini masterpieces are available in a variety of colors and add a delicate touch of artistry to your loved one's everyday essentials, ensuring they carry a piece of handmade magic wherever they go.

Handmade dark blue macramé wristlet and keychains
Wristlet, HennMade Keychain & Spiral Keychain

Black purse with vehicle key fob and two natural macramé keychains
Spiral Macrame Keychains Used as Purse and Key Fob Accessory
Three handmade keychains in natural, marshmallow and dusty rose on silver keychain clasp hardware
Neutral Palette of Macramé Keychains on Silver Clasp Hardware

2. Hat Holders: Functional Decor

For the wide brim hat lovers in your life, HennMade macramé hat holders are a stylish and functional gift. Showcase any size hat collection in a unique and eye-catching way, customizable to fit any space. These are one of the most popular and loved products created by HennMade.

Straw Hat and Pink Hat displayed in agave green double hanging hat holder on a metal ring
Double Macramé Hanging Hat Holder in Agave Green on Metal Ring
Pink hat, palm leaf hat, and straw hat displayed in natural macrame hat hanging holder on natural wood branch
Triple Macramé Hat Holder on Wood Branch
Grey macramé wall hanging hat holder on a wood dowel with a brown hat and nude hat
Double Macramé Hanging Hat Holder in Grey on Dowel

3. Horseshoe Hanging: Symbol of Luck and Love

Send wishes of luck and love with our horseshoe hanging macramé piece. Thoughtfully crafted, this symbol of fortune makes for a meaningful gift, perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, or any occasion where good vibes are needed.

Green, Pink and Grey Macramé Horseshoe Wall Hangings on wood peg board display
Macramé Horseshoe Wall Hangings
Olive Green macramé horseshoe wall hanging
Macramé Horseshoe Wall Hanging in Olive Green

4. Plant Holders: Timeless Macramé

Bring the outdoors inside with a HennMade macramé plant holder. Perfect for plant enthusiasts, these holders add a touch of greenery and style to any room. Elevate your plant game with this thoughtful and functional gift, available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Hanging Plant Holder with white pot in natural color
Plant Holder in Natural Color
Natural color macramé plant hanger with white potted plant
Macramé Plant Hanger in Natural

5. Fruit & Utility Basket: A Twist on Decor

Transform your interior decor and organization with our functional macramé fruit/utility baskets. A unique and practical gift, these baskets add a boho twist to the heart of the home. Ideal for housewarmings or anyone who loves combining functionality with aesthetics. These versatile baskets are always a crowd pleaser.

Macrame hanging baskets and wall hangings on display in boutique
Hanging Fruit or Utility Baskets on Display at Boutique

6. Wristlets: Boho Fashion at Your Fingertips

For those who appreciate functional or boho fashion, our macramé wristlets are the perfect accessory. These statement-making wristlets are sure to draw compliments and make it super easy to keep track of your keys.

Three macramé wristlets in marshmallow light pink, black, and peacock blue
Macramé Wristlets in Marshmallow Pink, Black, and Peacock Blue
Two macramé wristlets in peacock blue and black on clasp hardware
Macramé Wristlets in Peacock Blue and Black

7. Custom Wall Hanging: Unique Handmade Macramé

For truly any special occasion, consider commissioning a custom macramé wall hanging with HennMade. Collaborate with me to create a piece that reflects the recipient's personality and style. A bespoke masterpiece that they'll cherish for years to come.

Macramé wall hanging multi-colored peacock blue, mustard yellow, white, and natural on real wood branch
Multi-Colored Custom Macramé Wall Hanging on Natural Wood Branch
Large Macramé Wall Hanging on natural wood branch in dark green, black and natural color with wood beads
Custom Macramé Wall Hanging in Dark Green, Black and Natural with Wood Beads on Natural Wood Branch

Multi Color Macramé Wall Hanging in teal, sunflower yellow and ivory white on wood dowel
Custom Macramé Wall Hanging for Baby Nursery


This holiday season, go beyond ordinary gifts and embrace the extraordinary beauty of handmade macramé. Whether it's a small token of appreciation or a bespoke creation, each piece from HennMade is crafted with love and dedication. Explore our collection and unwrap the magic of thoughtful gifting.

If there are any items you want but don't see them currently listed in the online shop, or if you have an idea for a custom piece please fill out the custom order form or send me an email to and I will get in contact to answer any questions or provide additional info.

If you are crafty and decide to make any of these gift ideas yourself, be sure to save 10% on your order from Ganxxet using the code HENNMADE.

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