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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

You’ve said, “Yes!” to the big question. Now, it’s time to decide who you want standing beside you on your big day.

Depending on how big and formal your wedding will be, it can be a huge responsibility (especially financially) to serve as a Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid. So to make sure your girls are up for the task, it’s a good idea to ask.


There is nothing better than a super thoughtful and personalized proposal when it comes to asking your besties to be in your wedding. Deciding on what to gift your girls can be stressful so I’m giving you 10 thoughtful gift ideas for your bridal party proposal.

These gifts could also be given for the bachelorette party or for the actual wedding day. Hopefully you find these ideas helpful, and remember there are so many ways to put your own special touch on these for your bridal party.

1. Personalized Reusable Gift Box or Tote Bag

Instead of a $5 fancy paper gift bag that’s likely to be thrown away, it would be great to use a quality, reusable box like these magnetic closure boxes on Amazon or versatile canvas tote bags.

Both of these options can be personalized by adding your bridesmaid’s names or initials. I especially love the box idea because you can add “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the inside of the lid.

HennMade had the privilege of personalizing these magnetic close boxes for a bridal party proposal gift with a beautiful metallic vinyl. Later in this post I show what these boxes were filled with.

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Proposal Boxes for Bridal Party Proposal Gift Box
Bridal Party Proposal Boxes

Once you have a box or bag idea picked out, you can fill it with the cutest little gifts that any bridesmaid is sure to love and appreciate.

2. Macrame Keychains

Not only are macrame keychains cute, they make it so much easier to find your keys in your purse. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful and useful idea.

You can choose a macrame keychain in a neutral color or even find some to match the color palette of your wedding.

HennMade has adorable macrame keychain options in stock and we can even make a custom order in your preferred color, style and quantity.

3. Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers or wall hangings are a timeless functional gift that your girls can use to hang in their home or office.

Many plant hangers, like those available through HennMade, can be used to hold more than just plants.

For example, plant hangers can also hold bowls, jars, bottles, plates, or other items depending on the depth of the plant hanger you choose.

4. Personalized Drinkware

Personalized drinkware such as glasses, cups, mugs, flutes, etc. checks the box for both personalized and useful gifts.

HennMade added the bridesmaids and maid of honor names on wine cups for the proposal box shown below.

White bridal party proposal gift box with personalized gifts inside
Bridal Party Proposal Box for Maid of Honor

5. Candles

Candles are another great gift idea. There are so many options for candles so just find ones with ingredients and scents that you love in packaging that fits your theme.

6. Hair Ties/Scrunchies

We all need to get the hair out of our face and off our neck sometimes. An elastic hair tie or scrunchie is such a simple and handy little gift to include in you bridal party gift boxes or bags.

To put a personalized touch on these, you can put them on a little card with a cute saying such as, “I can’t tie the knot without you” or “To have and to hold my hair back”.

This photo shows how hair ties were combined with a personalized wine cup, macrame feather keychain, and a candle in a white magnetic close box to make the cutest proposal gift box.

7. Chapstick or Lip Gloss

So simple, yet so necessary. Choose your favorite chapstick or lip gloss and add this staple to the box/ bag of goodies for your girls.

8. Makeup Bags

I always find makeup bags so useful, and for a lot more than just carrying makeup. I use them to help organize little things in my purse like hair ties and bobby pins, chapstick, tampons/panty liners, and more.

Canvas Makeup Bag with initial, personalized koozie and post-party essentials
Canvas Makeup Bag with Initial for Bachelorette Party

Makeup bags are a great gift idea and once again you can personalize these by adding names, a monogram, or some other meaningful text or image using heat transfer vinyl like the one in this photo.

9. Personalized Koozies

For the beer or seltzer drinkers, koozies always come in handy. Find the right color and saying and you have an awesome, personalized bridal party gift.

At HennMade, we love creating unique, personalized gifts like this so reach out with your idea today for a quote.

10. Hand Lotion or Hand Sanitizer

It’s the little things. You can snag some travel size hand lotion or hand sanitizer at places like WalMart , Target, or Amazon, or find your favorite scented lotion/sanitizer from a place like Bath & Body Works.

I found my current favorite travel size hand sanitizer spray by Sun Bum on Amazon.

This wraps up 10 Bridal Party Proposal Gift Ideas. I hope you found this list useful and inspirational as you decide what to gift your besties. Let me know by commenting on this post if you found it helpful and if you want to see more posts like this.

If you need a little help bringing your vision to life, reach out to HennMade and we would be honored to help you put together the perfect gift box or gift bag for your bridal party.

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