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Minimalist Pumpkin Hanger Plant Hanger

Minimalist Pumpkin Hanger Plant Hanger

The perfect essential macrame hanger for plants, bowls, pumpkins, etc. This versatile, minimalist piece is a must-have for any time of the year. Make the most of your vertical space and grab these beautiful hangers while they last.

These hangers can fit a variety of sized pots or pumpkins. For reference the images include the hanger with an 8” pot and pumpkin. They can fit smaller or bigger items and are made with metal rings so they are durable. If you have any questions or want to see photos with a different sized item please contact me.

To order, select your main color and indicate in the notes if you want different color wrapping knots. If no notes are included, the wrapping knots at the top and bottom will match the selected main color. For reference, the photos feature a hanger with a main color of natural and wrapping knots in black.

This item is made to order, and each piece is one of a kind and may vary slightly due to the slight differences in material textures.

    $18.50 Regular Price
    $15.73Sale Price
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